回答者がユーザーの様々な回答に応えるRedditのAMA。Ask Me Anything(何でも聞いて)の略だけあり、どんな質問にも正直に答えてくれるのが魅力。今回はマクドナルド元従業員のAMAで英語学習しましょう。なんと彼は5年間もマクドナルドで働いた、まさにエキスパート。いったい、どのような真実が明かされるのでしょうか?全スレッドは こちら から。

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What is your most revolting experience of the last five years of working there?
Every few months, the restaurant undergoes an inspection from a McOpCo consultant. This is called an FOR. Before the FOR, the owner gets everyone to clean, paint,, brush up on their skills/habits, etc. On one of these occasions, I was tasked with cleaning behind the vats and the grills. The accumulation of grease, dropped, rotting meat and chicken products that were festering underneath was enough to give me nightmares. The grease was pooled on the floor and there were grease stalagmites on the ground. Trapped in the burnt and encrusted filth were hundreds of flies.

revolting – 吐き気をもよおす
inspection – 検査
undergo – 経験する
brush up on – ~を磨く
occasion – 機会
vat – 水槽
grease – 脂
rot – 腐る
burnt – こげ



What's the most surprising thing you know about McDonald's that a civilian wouldn't know?
Ever since Super Size Me, most people generally know a lot about McDonald's.
Hmmm...until recently, employees were not required to wear hairnets, and did not wear gloves when handling raw food when working in the kitchen.

civilian – 市民
ever since – ~以来
until recently – 最近まで
raw food – 生の食品


Does your skin permanently smell like fries yet?
Every shift. It goes through your clothes. Even my backpack smells.

permanently – いつも、永遠に
go through – 通り抜ける
backpack – リュック



What off-the-menu items have you put together for a customer?
There are a few customers who special order what we call the "Double McGangBang". It's a Junior chicken patty shoved in between a double-cheeseburger, and you add southwest sauce or whatnot.
We also make donuts. What you do it you take the club of a Mac bun (the middle), roll it up, and dunk it in the vat for a few minutes. When it's cooked to your liking of crispiness, you take it out and dip it in a cup of sugar.

off-the-menu – 裏メニュー
patty – パテ
shove – 押し込む、詰め込む
add – 加える
sauce – ソース



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