長い人生、いつも良いことが起きるとは限りません。今回見ていくAMAの投稿主は普通の人以上にハードな人生を送ってきました。がんやアルコール中毒、うつ病、2度の離婚経験をした中年の投稿主ですが、人生は素晴らしいと断言しているのです。今回は”I am a cancer, alcoholism, depression, and anxiety surviving, 2x divorced, middle aged professional who is days away from 8 years of sobriety. Life is good! AMA”で英語学習をしましょう。本スレッドはこちらから。

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I just checked your comment history and you AREN'T full of shit!! Can I just say I, a random stranger, am super proud of you, and should be a role model for anyone you meet. I couldn't think of a question.. so opinion on new Reddit?
たった今、君のコメント履歴を確認したばかりだけど、君はそれほど悪い奴じゃないよ! 僕は君にとっては他人にすぎないけど、君をとても誇りに思うし、君は人々のロールモデルになるべきだ。質問は思いつかないから、新Redditに対して意見はある?

HA! Well, thank you very much, truly. I am glad I am not full of shit although, to be honest, 8 years ago I was an active alcoholic and attorney so no one lied more than me..... LOL

history – 履歴
stranger – 見知らぬ人
be proud of – ~を誇りに思う
role model – ロールモデル
opinion – 意見
to be honest – 正直に言うと
alcoholic – アルコール中毒の
attorney – 弁護士
lie – 嘘をつく



Do you let those events and conditions define you?

Great question. On one hand, no. But on another level, absolutely. Take my alcoholism as an example: I am VERY lucky as I have never relapsed since I hit my low point 8 years ago. One of the reasons for that is that I 100% accept that I am an alcoholic and most decisions I make moving forward in my life have to take that into account.

I have turned down many invitations to things which, on their face, seem like so much fun, but I knew would be a risk to my sobriety....especially in early recovery. As I sit here today I don't regret a single thing. My worst day today is truly better than my best day when I was drinking. With all of that being said, I try to live in the present day and do not define myself by the successes or failures of my past. I hope that makes some type of sense.

define – 定義づける
alcoholism – アルコール中毒
accept – 受け入れる
take into account – 考慮する
turn down – 断る
invitation – 招待
sobriety – 禁酒
failure – 失敗



Did the aforementioned conditions cause your divorces?

Ah, a divorce question, final....lol

First divorce: I was 25 when I got married. 6 months later I was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkins Disease. In the middle of my treatments, after having lost 20% of my body weight, I caught my wife having an affair with a co-worker. The marriage didn't last another 6 months after that. I don't any of the conditions caused her to be a cheating bitch....

Divorce 2: My second marriage lasted 19 years. We have 3 incredible kids together. I credit her with absolutely saving my life 8 years ago and sticking with me during early recovery. 

2 years ago she came to be about getting a divorce. We are the best of friends and have absolutely no animosity towards each other. I am just not the same person today that I was when we got married. She is not a person I would fall in love with today nor, for that matter, am I a person she would fall in love with.

It is kind of sad, to be honest, but it just is. But I do want to stress that she is an amazing person who is the best mother in the world and I am lucky to have her in my life.

aforementioned – 前述の
divorce – 離婚
diagnose – 診断する
treatment – 治療
affair – 浮気
last – 続く
credit – ~のおかげとする
animosity – 敵意
stress – 強調する




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