ジェームズ・ジョイス『ダブリン市民』、The sisters(姉妹)の3回目です。

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妹 ナニー

In the evening my aunt took me with her to visit the house of mourning. 

It was after sunset; but the window-panes of the houses that looked to the west reflected the tawny gold of a great bank of clouds. 

– tawny:黄褐色

Nannie received us in the hall; and, as it would have been unseemly to have shouted at her, my aunt shook hands with her for all. 

– unseemly:ふさわしくない、見苦しい。

The old woman pointed upwards interrogatively and, on my aunt's nodding, proceeded to toil up the narrow staircase before us, her bowed head being scarcely above the level of the banister-rail. 

– interrogatively:何かを問いたそうに。
– toil:骨折って進む、難渋しながら歩く。
– scarcely:ほとんど~ない、かろうじて。
– banister-rail:階段の手すり。

At the first landing she stopped and beckoned us forward encouragingly towards the open door of the dead-room. 

– beckon:差し招く、合図する、手招きする。
– encouragingly:励ますように。

My aunt went in and the old woman, seeing that I hesitated to enter, began to beckon to me again repeatedly with her hand.

I went in on tiptoe. 

– tiptoe:つま先

The room through the lace end of the blind was suffused with dusky golden light amid which the candles looked like pale thin flames.

– suffuse:いっぱいにする、覆う。
– dusky:薄暗い、陰鬱な、黒ずんだ。
– amid:前置詞。真ん中に、中で。 amid whichでin whichと同じ意味と考えられます。

He had been coffined.

– coffie:名詞では棺。動詞では棺に入れる。

Nannie gave the lead and we three knelt down at the foot of the bed. 

– knelt:kneelひざまづくの過去形。

I pretended to pray but I could not gather my thoughts because the old woman's mutterings distracted me. 

– pretend:ふりをする、まねをする。
– mutterings:低いはっきりしないつぶやき。
– distract:散らす、そらす、混乱させる。

I noticed how clumsily her skirt was hooked at the back and how the heels of her cloth boots were trodden down all to one side. 

– clumsily:ぎこちなく、不器用に。
– trodden:

The fancy came to me that the old priest was smiling as he lay there in his coffin.

– fancy:とっぴな空想、きまぐれな思い。

But no. 

When we rose and went up to the head of the bed I saw that he was not smiling. 

There he lay, solemn and copious, vested as for the altar, his large hands loosely retaining a chalice.

– solemn:謹厳な、厳粛な、神聖な。
– copious:豊富な、おびただしい。
– vested:祭服を着ている
– altar:教会の祭壇、聖餐台。ミサの時に神父が説教をし祝福を与える、教会の東側に作られる壇です。
– retain:保持する。
– chalice:聖杯。高価な金属によりつくられている脚付きのコップ、ゴブレットです。聖餐式のワインをミサの参列者に飲ませるときに使用されます。

His face was very truculent, grey and massive, with black cavernous nostrils and circled by a scanty white fur. 
 彼の顔はとても獰猛で、灰色で、どっしりしていた。 鼻の穴は真っ黒でおおきかった。わずかながらしろい毛が覆っていた。

– truculent:獰猛な、残忍な、辛らつな。
– cavernous:洞窟の多い、落ち窪んだ。
– nostril:鼻の穴、鼻孔。
– scanty:乏しい、わずかな、貧弱な。

There was a heavy odour in the room - the flowers.

We blessed ourselves and came away. 

– bless oueselves:十字を切って自らを祝福する。このセンテンスについては、テキストによってはblessedではなくcrossedとなっているものもあります。意味は変わりません。

姉 エリーザ

In the little room downstairs we found Eliza seated in his arm-chair in state.

– in state:威儀を正して、粛然と。

I groped my way towards my usual chair in the corner while Nannie went to the sideboard and brought out a decanter of sherry and some wine-glasses. 

She set these on the table and invited us to take a little glass of wine. 

Then, at her sister's bidding, she filled out the sherry into the glasses and passed them to us. 

– bidding:命令。

She pressed me to take some cream crackers also but I declined because I thought I would make too much noise eating them.

– press:強く勧める。

She seemed to be somewhat disappointed at my refusal and went over quietly to the sofa where she sat down behind her sister.

No one spoke: we all gazed at the empty fireplace.

– gaze:じっと見つめる。

My aunt waited until Eliza sighed and then said:

“Ah, well, he’s gone to a better world.”

– このセンテンス:そのまま、「よりよい世界」としている翻訳も多いです。しかしa better world はheavenやgloryと同じ意味として訳してもいいと思います。ただし、この a better worldという表現は、この作品の最初のパラグラフにあった、老神父のことば、I am not long for this world 「もうこの世には長くいられない。」 のthis worldに対応しているとも考えられ、この世よりもよりよい世界とそのとおりの訳とした方がいいのかもしれません。

Eliza sighed again and bowed her head in assent.

– in assent:同意して。

My aunt fingered the stem of her wine-glass before sipping a little.

– finger:動詞、指で触れる、いじる。
– stem:ワイングラスの脚。
– sip:少しずつ飲む。

– このセンテンス:簡単に訳しましたが、微妙な情景です。単に、picked up the wine-glassとせず、fingerという動詞を使って時間の経過を表現しているように思えます。「指でワインの脚に触れそしてしばらくそのままでいてからおもむろにつまみ上げてほんのすこしワインを口にした。」といった意訳をしてもいいと思います。

“Did he ... peacefully?” she asked.

“Oh, quite peacefully, ma'am,” said Eliza. 

“You couldn't tell when the breath went out of him. He had a beautiful death, God be praised.”

“And everything...?”

“Father O'Rourke was in with him a Tuesday and anointed him and prepared him and all.”

– prepare:心構えをさせる、覚悟を決めさせる。

“He knew then?”

“He was quite resigned.”

– resign:任せる、委ねる。

“He looks quite resigned,” said my aunt.

“That's what the woman we had in to wash him said. She said he just looked as if he was asleep, he looked that peaceful and resigned. No one would think he'd make such a beautiful corpse.”

“Yes, indeed,” said my aunt.

She sipped a little more from her glass and said:

“Well, Miss Flynn, at any rate it must be a great comfort for you to know that you did all you could for him. You were both very kind to him, I must say.”

– at any rate:とにかく、すくなくとも、どんなことがあっても。

Eliza smoothed her dress over her knees.

“Ah, poor James!” she said. “God knows we done all we could, as poor as we are - we wouldn't see him want anything while he was in it.”


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