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今回はAMA史上最も心温まる”IAmA gay guy who married a straight girl. AMA.(ストレートの女の子と結婚したゲイだけど、何か質問ある?)”を見てみましょう。

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Q: Can you explain why?
A: She was my best friend and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, regardless of whether I was sexually attracted to her. She's the best human being I know.

best friend – 親友
spend the rest of my life – 残りの人生
regardless of – ~にも関わらず


Q:What is your marriage like? Is there any physical connection between you two, or is it strictly emotional? If it's strictly emotional, is it open sexually?
A:It's definitely more emotional but the physical has evolved over the past six years. 
I accommodate her because I realize she is sexually attracted to me, so we have occasional sex. Sometimes we both climax, sometimes only she does. The first year,it was difficult for me to reach orgasm when we had sex, but it's gradually become
easier. 確実に感情のつながりの方が強いです。しかし、この6年以上肉体関係もあります。彼女が性的に私に惹かれていることに気づいたので、私が彼女に合わせています。だから、ときどきセックスをします。2人で絶頂することもあれば、彼女だけすることもあります。最初の年は私がオーガズムを感じるのは難しかったですが、次第に簡単になってきました。

marriage – 結婚
physical – 肉体的な
emotional – 感情的な
evolve – 展開する
accomodate – 合わせる
attract – 惹かれる
occasional – 時おり
reach orgazm – オーガズムに達する
gradually -次第に


Q:What did you do on your wedding night?
A: I'm sure this sounds ridiculous, but we ate popcorn and watched movies into the wee hours of the morning, and we both still remember it as being the perfect ending to one of the best days of our lives.

wedding night – 初夜
ridiculous – ばかげている


Q:What about the rest of the time? Do you, for example, kiss each other in the way a heterosexual couple would a lot?
A:Sure we kiss. I don't know, kissing to me is one of those things that's more an expression of the fact that I love her, not necessarily something meant to simply convey, "I want to fuck you."
I suspect I would still think that if I were in a relationship with a guy. Kissing (for me, at least) is more an expression of love and intimacy, not just sexual attraction.

the rest of the time – 残りの時間
heterosexual – ヘテロセクシャル、異性愛者
more an expression of~ – ~以上の表現
fact – 事実
necessarily – 必ず
simply – 単に
convey – 伝える
intimacy – 愛情



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