苦しみなどを感じず自然に死を選ぶ。尊厳死は世界中で様々な議論を起こしていますが、人間として自然な形で死を迎えることはいけないことなのでしょうか?今回は、運動ニューロン病により尊厳死を選んだ男性に関する記事で英語学習しましょう。元記事となるDaily Mailはこちらから。

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A British man with motor neurone disease penned an emotional letter to MPs and published it in the moments before he ended his life at the Dignitas clinic today.  

motor neurone disease – 運動性ニューロン病
emotional – 感情的な、感情に訴える
publish – 公表する
end one’s life – 人生の終わりを迎える

Retired accountant Geoff Whaley, from Buckinghamshire, chose to die in Switzerland, rather than face 'immense suffering' in the end stages of the devastating condition. 

retired – 引退した
accountant – 会計士
rather than – ~するよりも
immense – 計り知れない
suffering – 苦痛

The grandfather-of-four, 80, died peacefully in his wife's arms, and surrounded by family and friends, the charity Dignity in Dying said today.

peacefully – 安らかに
be surrounded by – ~に囲まれて



Just moments before he passed away at 10am he posted a haunting letter to the Government, calling for a change in the law which he said, 'robbed me of control over my death.'

pass away – 亡くなる
post – 投稿する
government – 政府
call for – ~を求める
law – 法律
rob – 奪う

He revealed how he 'sobbed' for the first time in five decades when his wife was grilled by police for helping him die, adding: '[The law] sought to punish those attempting to help me get there. The hypocrisy and cruelty of this is astounding.' 

reveal – 明かす
sob – すすり泣く
decade – 10年間 ※five decadesで50年間
grill – 尋問する
punish – 罰する
attempt to – ~しようと試みる
hypocrisy – 偽善

Mr Whaley wanted assisted suicide to be made legal in the UK after his wife of 52 years, Ann, was interviewed under caution last week and warned she faces 14 years in prison.  
When asked about helping her husband 'commit suicide', 76-year-old Mrs Whaley said: 'I don't think of it like that. When you've got a husband as brave as mine you have to support him.' 

assisted suicide – 自殺ほう助
legal – 合法
face – 直面する
commit suicide – 自殺する
brave – 勇敢な



Father-of-two Mr Whaley was diagnosed with motor neurone disease two years ago and in December doctors told him that he had six to nine months left. 

diagnose – 診断する
have 月日 left – 月日が残されている

He had dinner with his wife and two adopted children, Alix and Dominic, at a hotel in Zurich last night. Mr Whaley has left letters for his four grandchildren, aged four to 17.

adopted – 養子とした
grandchildren – 孫

Mrs Whaley booked the flights to Switzerland and a hotel because her husband can no longer use his hands. But Mr Whaley revealed how the stress of his wife being summoned to a police station had, 'destroyed everything we had done to prepare ourselves'. 

no longer – もはや~でない
destroy – 破壊する、台無しにする
prepare – 準備する

He also wrote a letter to the Government asking for them to reconsider the law on assisted suicide. It was posted online shortly before he died. In the letter, he said he 'does not fear death, but fears the journey.'  

reconsider – 検討しなおす
shortly before – ~する直前に
shortly after – ~した直後に
fear – 恐れる
journey – 旅



今回は尊厳死を選んだ男性に関する記事で英語学習をしました。なかなか難しい問題ですが、生きることに恐怖を感じるというのは、ひどい痛みや苦痛で悩む方ならではの言葉ですよね。全文読みたい方は、ぜひDaily Mailの原文に目を通してみてください。

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