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The coverage around Jamal's murder has centered on the coverup, the lies of the KSA government, and the fallout for MbS. Do you think there are parts of this story that have not received the attention they deserve, and why?

coverage – 報道
Jamal – 殺害されたジャマル・カショジ氏
murder – 殺人事件
center – 集中する
cover-up – 隠蔽
lie – 嘘
KSA – サウジアラビア
government – 政府
fallout – 影響
MbS – ムハンマド・ビン・サルマーン(サウジアラビア皇太子)
attention – 注目
deserve – 値する

As an editor, I still feel protective of Jamal's voice and work even after his death. I want everyone to know what his ideas were. I was heartened when cable news anchors read out loud his last column that was sent to us after his death,speaking about the need for free expression in the Arab world. I don't think there has been enough of engagement with his thoughts and ideas while he was alive. Rather there is so much focus on his death.

editor – 編集者
protective – 保護的な
work – 仕事
hearten – 励ます
anchor – キャスター
thought – 思い

I think that it would be great for people around the world to read what he wrote about Saudi Arabia. He didn't like being called a dissident. He just wanted to advise what he thought was the best course for Saudi Arabia. All of his columns for the Washington Post are here:https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/jamal-khashoggi/?utm_term=.250f8656b78d -Karen

dissident – 反対者



In your opinion is there any possible chance the Saudi prince didn’t know about this plan, as he claims?

opinion – 意見
possible – ありうる
claim – 主張する

What Jamal told me shortly after Saudi Arabia started locking up women activists around the time of lifting the ban, I talked with Jamal over lunch and asked him if it was possible that these repressive things were happening without the Saudi Prince's knowledge. Jamal said "There is no way. The crown prince has absolute authority over what happens in the kingdom".

shortly after – ~のすぐ後に
lock up – 閉じ込める、拘留する
activist – 活動家
repressive – 抑圧てきな
knowledge – 認識
crown prince – 皇太子

The U.S. intercepted communications about a high level plot to lure and capture Jamal. And other Saudis in exile have spoken out about the policy to lure back and silence dissidents from abroad. Given the Crown prince's ruthless behavior, Khashoggi's criticisms in the Post, and the state ordered repression of other reformers, I believe the crown prince not only knew about this plan, but took part in designing and authorizing it.

intercept – 傍受する、盗聴する
plot – 計画
lure – おびきよせる
silence – 黙らせる
ruthless – 残酷な、無慈悲な
behavior – 振る舞い
repression – 抑圧
reformer – 改革派
take part in – 参加する



Did Jamal ever fear for his safety? Did he ever express nervousness about going to the Saudi consulate or was this whole dire situation out of the blue?

fear – 恐れる
express – 見せる、感じさせる
consulate – 領事館
dire – 悲惨な、恐ろしい
out of the blue – 突然に

As far as I know, Jamal was most upset about how the Saudi authorities put pressure on his children to get to him, in the form of travel bans. He lived and moved relatively freely in Washington, and it is my understanding that he safely went to the Embassy here at least once. He had friends that told him to stay away from consulates and embassies, and my understanding is that he gave his fiancee phones to call if he did not come out. He seemed to know they were trying to lure him and at least arrest him. But at least to me, he didn't indicate that he was in fear of losing his life. He was more afraid of losing his freedom.

as far as I know – 私の知る限り
upset – 動揺した
ban – 禁止
freely – 自由に
embassy – 大使館
stay away – 近づかない、関わらない
arrest – 逮捕する
indicate – 示す




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